BIM Revit solutions

At Wavin, we have a range of BIM content which will unlock time and cost savings and deliver efficiencies at every stage of the project with:

  • 100% accurate content
  • The only BSI kitemarked drainage package in the UK
  • Accurate clash detection for a true representation of all products in 3D
  • Intelligent design assistance with visual accuracy check
  • An automated bill of materials



Hep2O pipes

Hep2O Push-fit


The Hep2o Flexible Push-Fit Plumbing System is suitable for use in domestic water distribution and central heating systems. This system is available in 15mm / 22mm / 28mm diameters and Wavin Hep2O meets the requirements of Class S of BS 7291, parts 1 and 2 and is manufactured within a quality management system which satisfies EN ISO 9002 and is also approved by WRAS ® deemed safe for use in the supply of drinking water.

Soil and Waste


Soil and Waste


To enable you to design a fully-functioning soil and waste system for your next project, we have a range of BIM revit files available for each of our soil and waste product ranges. These include PVC Soil & Vent, Compact Soil and HDPE Soil & Waste systems.

HepVO valves



The HepvO waterless trap doesn't lose its siphonage, evaporation, leaking or movement. No water also means no gurgling. A fixed membrane prevents the trap from being dislodged and the limitation of foul smells from being released into the surrounding environments as it enters the pipe system. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom sinks, basins and showers, the HepvO BIM revit files can help save time on your next sanitary project.

AS plus pipes

Low Noise Drainage

Wavin AS+ is the best in class plastic sound-insulating Soil & Waste piping system, suitable for drainage of hot and cold waste water and in accordance with all requirements for non-pressurized waste water piping as laid down in BS EN 12056. Wavin AS+ is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) low-noise soil and waste solution and is available in sizes ranging from DN 50 to DN 160.


Tigris K1

Wavin Tigris K1 is proven and perfected to deliver high performance and significant cost savings in a wide range of commercial plumbing and heating projects. The system carries a 10 year guarantee, has DGWA and KIWA approvals and is tested and certified to BS6920:2000 and ISO en 21003. Sizes range from 16 - 75mm.